Nothing is more important than your training when it comes to being a successful technician, or practitioner. We are associated with the best thermography training system in the world, the Professional Academy of Clinical Thermology, otherwise known as PACT. PACT is a professional association of medical thermographers that creates, promotes, and maintains high scientific standards for medical thermal imaging regarding practice, research, thermography education, and thermography certification.


We provide a support network for both doctors and technicians in this fast growing industry with PACT Certified doctors that perform analysis for doctors and technicians in our network. Our BTISCAN website will allow patients to find you.

PACT believes it is necessary to provide standards in thermography in order for the technology to grow. We have implemented standards since 2009 that have allowed us to become the fastest growing organization in the thermography field..

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Our Interpretation Process

We offer a thermography interpretation service with all reports undergoing a 3-step interpretation process. Each image is analyzed by three separate interpreters. All final reviews are analyzed by Senior Interpreter Alexander Sepper, MD, Ph.D

Full body reports evaluate the surface heat symmetry of the body and how it relates to prospective health concerns of the patient. PACT standards are applied to all images and recommendations will be made. Although breast thermography is a strong focus, we evaluate the body as a whole. Patients may choose breast only, full body, or modified exams.

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Medical Thermography Cameras

We act as a consultant for you to get you the best pricing and quality from new and used systems. You can choose from a variety of manufactures including Flir, ICI, and other camera systems.

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Our staff can help you answer questions you may have before you consider adding thermography to your approach to healthcare.

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